Sunday, April 17, 2011

Review: Made-In-Israel Tampons from Target!

Target's house brand of tampons "Up and Up" (yes, it's a funny name) are made in Israel.

I drive to Colma to go to the Target there once a month, usually. I happened to throw a box of these into the cart, to see if they were any good. It was my husband who saw them on the counter in the bathroom and pointed out they are from Israel.

Now, I read a lot of blogs about beauty and fashion. I have never seen a post about tampons. But they are a beauty supply are they not? If body wash or toothpaste are, then tampons should be too. Either way, I'm going to review these!! I am a fashion trendsetter, after all.

The tampons come in all the different sizes and quantities that we are used to from Tampax. I bought a box of forty supers, and they are individually wrapped with a a nice cardboard applicator. There is no tip on the applicator. (Which is my personal preference.) The applicator has finger grooves, and is sturdy and easy to use.

The tampons themselves are cotton and/or rayon fiber blend, with a polypropelene/polyethelyne overwrap and cotton string. They work fine.

Full Disclosure: I bought my box at the Target in Colma.

Where You Can Get Them: Targets everywhere. Online, too.

Why It's Wonderful: Buying these is an excellent way to support Israel every month!!!

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