Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Orange Eyes? Non.

I think that one thing that may prevent me from ever becoming a true fashioniste is that extreme makeup looks hardly ever please me. Now, I am not talking about a dramatic smoky eye, a vivid red lip. I can even see, now and then, the appeal of a hot pink lip. But mostly, I think that these very bright colors are for little girls.

This spring, Estee Lauder tried to make orange eyeshadow of the moment. Many fashion bloggers went wild over it. I can't see it.

I agree that Estee Lauder's Orange Crush eyeshadow is a very beautiful color. I would buy a dress in that orange in a heartbeat. But on one's eyes? Give me a break! Look at this girl over here. Pretty face, pale lips, and then this gruesome pop of orange that doesn't suit her complexion. Perhaps on a very dark girl with warm skin this would work. Perhaps not.

This is runway makeup. It cannot be made wearable for a woman who doesn't work on a catwalk.

However, if you want bright orange lids, remember, as always, that Estee Lauder is the Great Zionist Cosmetic Company, the dread of all the little BDS activists in their hemp ponchos--so feel free to indulge in whatever shades suit you.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

LEMMING: Fabulous Israeli Shoe Designs

Super-sexy, non? These are by Kobi Levi, an eccentric Israeli shoe designer who does the most remarkable and whimsical designs. Most of his designs, I must say, are too strange for my taste. The ones that look like ducks, for example. Or the ones that look like naked women. Or banana peels.

But these! The color and flame effects are supposed to suggest dragons, while those clever double heels are meant to look like a pair of chopsticks. Pair them with a sexy neutral dress, and you have the perfect costume for dinner out, or a concert. Frivolous, but also wearable.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Miss Israel 1951: Michal Har'el

Israel's second Malkat Hayofi, crowned in 1951, was Michael Har'el, born in Jerusalem in 1931. An article in the Forward describes her as a kindergarten teacher and 'stalwart defender of the City of David in the 1948 siege of Jerusalem'. She would have been seventeen during the War of Independence.

The picture below shows her at her wedding with her husband Yitzchak Modai. He was in the Knesset for many years. You can see in this photo that he knows what a lucky man he is.

LEMMING: Armani, Summer 2011

Karla Sugar (love her love her love her!) has pictures up of the Armani Summer 2011 collection.

The lipstick #34 and the eyeshadow quad are calling my name!

And of course, Armani's beauty products are owned by Estee Lauder--so these beautiful products are, of course, pro-Israel.