Saturday, July 16, 2011

Israelis Asked To Get Naked To Save The Dead Sea

American photographer Spencer Tunick has posted a registration for volunteers to participate in a photo shoot of nude Israelis at the Dead Sea.Tunick, who has gained fame for taking photographs of crowds of naked people at sites around the world, is calling on Israelis to "Disrobe to Save the Dead Sea."

If you are in Israel, and do not mind getting naked with a lot of other people, please consider signing up for this. The increased use of water from the Jordan means that the water level in the Dead Sea has been falling. This is a body of water that not only has great historical and geological significance, but also serves a source of economic cooperation between Israel and Jordan, as Israeli companies such as Ahava buy raw mineral products extracted by Jordanian companies.

Besides, Tunick's art is, in my opinion, very lovely. People respond to the sight of the human body in nature. The picture above is an example of his work. Isn't there something awe-inspiring and mysterious about it?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Miss Israel, 1952: Ora Vered

Miss Israel 1952, Ora Vered, was born in Yemen in 1934. I've been unable to find out much about this beauty queen, but from the few pictures I can find, she certainly was a lovely woman. Ora went on to compete for Israel in the Miss Universe pageant.