Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Orange Eyes? Non.

I think that one thing that may prevent me from ever becoming a true fashioniste is that extreme makeup looks hardly ever please me. Now, I am not talking about a dramatic smoky eye, a vivid red lip. I can even see, now and then, the appeal of a hot pink lip. But mostly, I think that these very bright colors are for little girls.

This spring, Estee Lauder tried to make orange eyeshadow of the moment. Many fashion bloggers went wild over it. I can't see it.

I agree that Estee Lauder's Orange Crush eyeshadow is a very beautiful color. I would buy a dress in that orange in a heartbeat. But on one's eyes? Give me a break! Look at this girl over here. Pretty face, pale lips, and then this gruesome pop of orange that doesn't suit her complexion. Perhaps on a very dark girl with warm skin this would work. Perhaps not.

This is runway makeup. It cannot be made wearable for a woman who doesn't work on a catwalk.

However, if you want bright orange lids, remember, as always, that Estee Lauder is the Great Zionist Cosmetic Company, the dread of all the little BDS activists in their hemp ponchos--so feel free to indulge in whatever shades suit you.

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